OJISAMA Sports Clutch KIT

This product is designed to be used along with any of TODA Racing tuning products without increasing the burden on the driver. Most large capacity clutch kits required excessive force to operate the clutch, the OJISAMA Sports Clutch KIT has been designed for people who do not regularly use a manual transmission but who on those special days like to. By redesigning the diameter of the disc and the lever ratio, an increased torque capacity can be transmitted but with the same pedal force as the stock clutch and an improved engagement feeling. Also, there is no increased load on the engine thrust bearings, therefore the bearing does not receive any damage. *Not designed for furious powered applications.

Improvement in clutch response
A strap drive system returns pressure plate forcibly, improving the sharpness of the response of the pedal feel, but without increasing the force needed to operate the pedal.

Increased diameter disc
5mm larger diameter disc over standard, with both frictional force and durability improved. Sports orientated friction material used leading to improved bite feel over stock unit. Reducing fatigue whilst traveling over long distances as well as in traffic jams.

High quality. Chromium molybdenum flywheel
Stress analysis, balance, and inertia are simulated using CAD solid models for optimized performance. An overall design, designed to give good weight savings and low rotation characteristics. This product has been redesigned with consideration given to making it easier to get away from a standing start.

F20C/F22C S2000
F20C/F22C OJISAMA Sports Clutch KIT
Spec Sports (non asbestos) Disc KIT (balanced)
Engine type F20C/F22C
Part No. 26000-F20-R00
Price ¥150,000
Remarks This product works with TODA Increased Capacity 2200KIT/2350KIT/2400KIT.

<Repair Parts>
Part Name Part No. Price
Sports (non asbestos) Clutch Disc 22200-F20-R0N ¥38,800

Spec Sports (non asbestos) Disc KIT (balanced)
Engine type FA20 (TOYOTA 86/SUBARU BRZ)
Part No. 26000-BRZ-R00
Price ¥150,000

<Repair Parts>
Part Name Part No. Price
Sports (non asbestos) Clutch Disc 22200-BRZ-R0N ¥38,800